The second I-CCC Evaluators’ Workshop took place from 5 to 6 June 2023 at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). Organized by Maria Doppler and Christian Grünhaus from the WU NPO Competence Center, the workshop aimed to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among the national I-CCC evaluators. Participants included Sanja Miloradovic and Slavica Milojevic from the Institute of Social Protection (RISP) in Serbia and Lidija Brnovic, external evaluator from Montenegro.

Throughout the two-day workshop, the evaluators shared their findings, exchanged insights, and identified areas where collaboration could enhance the evaluation process. They engaged in intensive discussions on impact analysis, taking into account all the qualitative and quantitative data collected, with a special focus on the calculation paths of impacts.

The workshop proved to be highly productive, providing a conducive environment for knowledge exchange and collaborative problem-solving. The evaluators left the workshop with a deeper understanding of the evaluation process and motivated to tackle the remaining evaluation activities in the last five months of the I-CCC project.