On March 29, 2022, the Red Cross of Sombor hosted the training of volunteers.  Volunteers had the opportunity to learn basic information about people with dementia, because knowledge about the disease helps us to:

  • Better understand situations, circumstances, medical conditions and older persons;
  • Feel better and deal with problems;
  • It contributes to a better relationship with the person we care for;
  • Makes it easier to perform daily activities;
  • Enables the inclusion of persons with dementia and caregivers.

A very important part of the training was the way of communicating with people diagnosed with dementia, but also the part related to the activities of volunteers and their obligations in the project. They were also able to learn how important volunteering is for the community, but also for improving their health. The training was held by Natasa Todorovic and Dr. Milutin Vracevic, experts of the Red Cross of Serbia.