Community Care Centers

Community Care Centers for older people and informal carers will be set-up and piloted in 6 communities.  Services will include advice on long-term care related health, social, organizational or financial questions to older people in need of care and informal carers, supporting and training for informal carers, conducting preventive home visits in Hartberg and Montenegro, home help services in Montenegro and respite services in Serbia as well as health promotion and healthy ageing activities.

Please contact our community care centers directly for questions or an appointment

Contact details

Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz

Landesverband Steiermark

Bezirksstelle Hartberg

Rotkreuzplatz 1, 8230 Hartberg

Tel: +43 (0)50 144 5 – 18028


Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz

Landesverband Wien


Safargasse 4, 1030 Wien

Tel: +43 (1) 79580 – 6000


Red Cross local branch Bijelo Polje

Address: Šukrije Međedovića


Phone number: +382 50 431 835

Red Cross local branch Bar

Address: Bulevar Revolucije bb


Phone number: +382 30 315 444

Red Cross of Serbia


Nikole Tesle 9/4, 18300 PIROT

+381 (0)10 3222 75

Red Cross of Serbia


Apatinski put 19, 25000 Sombor

+381 (0)25 431 430