Addressing and Preventing Care Needs Through Innovative Community Care Centres

About I-CCC

The I-CCC Project is a three-year project running from November 2020 until October 2023 funded by the European Commission and co-funded by the Austrian Development Agency. It aims to pilot 6 novel community care centers in Austria, Serbia and Montenegro to support people in need of care and informal carers offering diverse activities as well as counselling. Further, it is planned to set up a new volunteer-based service for people with dementia and cognitive impairments. By strengthening community-based services the I-CCC project seeks to contribute to national policy reforms in long-term care.

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Community Care Centers

The Community Care Centers (CCC) aim to provide integrated services on local level to maintain functional capacities of older people, foster healthy ageing and support informal carers. Network activities with various partners in the field of long-term care and health care is another focus of the CCC.




Training for informal carers

Preventive home visits

Home help and respite services

Healthy Ageing

Services for people with cognitive impairments and dementia

New volunteer-based services shall serve to support people with cognitive impairments and dementia. Via visiting services, volunteers will support them with simple activities and preventive measures. A tablet-based multi-modal cognitive training for the purpose of preserving activities of daily life embodies a further element of these services.

Visiting Services

Tablet-based Training


Our project aims to contribute to national policy reforms in the field of long-term care and to advocate for the development of new services. Different materials and publications relevant to decision makers, such as desk research papers, evaluations and recommendations …will be released throughout the project.


Desk research




Policy briefs

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