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The project intends to influence national reforms in long-term care through developing, testing and advocating for social innovative community- and voluntary-based services for older people in Austria, Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia. Advocacy topics concentrate around the four long-term care key themes:

  • informal carers,
  • prevention,
  • the need for better linkage of health and social services and
  • dementia. 
Materials & Publications

Materials and Publications

Here you can find our project results in due course including a short desk research report in all three countries, the summary report of the needs assessment in each community, a short paper on financial sustainability options for each country, promotional brochures, leaflets, policy papers, evaluation reports and the link for your disposal.

Desk Research and Needs Assessment in 6 communities 

Financial Sustainability

Financial Sustainability Options: Austria (Click to download) | Montenegro (Click to download) | Serbia (Click to download)



Dissemination Plan: Austria (Click to download) | Montenegro (Click to download) | Serbia (Click to download)

Advocacy Plans

General Project Information Leaflets

More promotional material

Case Studies

Guide for Informal Carers

Mid-Term Evaluation Reports 

  • Evaluation Report- Preventive Homevisits- Styria-German by Gesundheit Österreich GmbH (Click to download)
  • Mid-Term Evaluation Report – English by NPO Institute (Click to download)

End-Evaluation Reports

  • End-Evaluation Report-Preventive Homevisits-Styria-German by Gesundheit Österreich GmbH (Click to download)
  • End-Evaluation Report- Impact Analysis of the I-CCC (Click to download)