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The project intends to influence national reforms in long-term care through developing, testing and advocating for social innovative community- and voluntary-based services for older people in Austria, Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia. Advocacy topics concentrate around the four long-term care key themes:

  • informal carers,
  • prevention,
  • the need for better linkage of health and social services and
  • dementia. 
Materials & Publications

Materials and Publications

Here you can find our project results in due course including a short desk research report in all three countries, the summary report of the needs assessment in each community, a short paper on financial sustainability options for each country, promotional brochures, leaflets, policy papers, evaluation reports and the link for your disposal.

Desk Research and Needs Assessment in 6 communities 

Financial Sustainability

Financial Sustainability Options: Austria (Click to download) | Montenegro (Click to download) | Serbia (Click to download)



Dissemination Plan: Austria (Click to download) | Montenegro (Click to download) | Serbia (Click to download)

Advocacy Plans

General Project Information Leaflets

More promotional material

Case Studies

Study on Compassion Fatigue for Serbia SRE (Click to download)

Training Manual for Volunteers for Montenegro (Click to download)

Guide for Informal Carers

Mid-Term Evaluation Reports 

  • Evaluation Report- Preventive Homevisits- Styria-German by Gesundheit Österreich GmbH (Click to download)
  • Mid-Term Evaluation Report – English by NPO Institute (Click to download)

End-Evaluation Reports

  • End-Evaluation Report-Preventive Homevisits-Styria-German by Gesundheit Österreich GmbH (Click to download)
  • End-Evaluation Report- Impact Analysis of the I-CCC (Click to download)