Informal carers, such as family members or friends, are the first line of support for older people.
The need to care for a family member has become a central issue. Almost 1 million people in Austria are involved in care and support of their relatives.  Caring for someone at home is a great challenge! Not only the person in need of care needs support but also the involved family members. A nursing case within a family often occurs unexpectedly and poses several challenges to the family. Many questions come up and important decisions have to be made in a very short time. This can be overwhelming! Therefore, within the I-CCC project, the Austrian Red Cross developed a “toolbox for informal carers”, which was launched on 17th April 2023. The “toolbox” was designed as an online platform embedded in the Austrian Red Cross webpage. The online platform makes available all the tools, guidelines, and services provided by the Red Cross branches as well as general long-term care information and can be accessed in German here.