On Friday, the 28th of May, a training course for interviewers was held as a part of the “Innovative Community Care Centres” project. The training course was conducted remotely over Zoom and those involved were volunteers and employees from the Red Cross of Pirot and the Red Cross of Sombor, where the I-CCC project is implemented. 

The participants were made familiar with two types of questionnaire: a) A questionnaire for older persons and b) A questionnaire for informal caregivers. These questionnaires will be used to conduct needs assessments of potential beneficiaries of the Project (ICCC) as well as for assessing the long-term care and support needs for community care centres. 

In addition to getting specific instructions on how to use these tools, the participants had an opportunity to practice filling in the questionnaires and ask questions. This training course was led by advisors from the Republic Office for Social Welfare which is also a partner of the Red Cross of Serbia on this project.