From 13-14 September 2021 the 2nd I-CCC partner meeting with Red Cross and policy partners took place face-to-face in Vienna. The aim was to discuss the progress on project activities aiming at the provision of integrated services that maintain functional capacities of older people, foster healthy ageing and support informal caregivers while creating links between health and social care in Austria, Montenegro and Serbia. For this purpose, the project partners engaged in an exchange on the results of the needs assessment and stakeholder meetings, which showed that needs largely vary in the different regions under this project necessitating a very localized approach to the numerous support services to be offered. The results directly fed into the conceptualization of the CCCs, which were drafted in a highly contextualized manner. The project partners presented their CCC concept for each region and discussed it in light of financial sustainability options to guarantee the sustainability of the services offered to older people and an array of dissemination tools and activities to promote the CCCs. A particular focus was then placed on services for people with dementia and cognitive impairments during the meeting. In this context participants discussed the concept for the visiting services, the training concept as well as the dementia tool and training for volunteers. Finally, the NPO Competence Centre presented the impact and overall evaluation concept  as well as first evaluation results. In concluding the meeting open financial and administrative questions were addressed and next crucial steps were planned.